Overall Initiatives

  • Improving initiatives in cross-cultural sectors which includes health science, energy, space research and development, environment, forestry and social science targeted to the specific problems and communities 
  • Prioritizing activities towards regional and community focused solutions, and bringing the  applications to the communities both in local and global context in the area of health, energy, environment, waste management, and even in food sector and space research. 

General Objectives: 

EWC-RECAST Innovation Lab is mainly developing nanotechnology applications in cross-cultural sectors in health science, energy, environment and forestry targeted to the specific problems and communities 

To contribute in scientific and local communities for enhanced research development through optimum utilization of natural resources, improvement and dissemination of relevant technologies to the communities and institutions concerned 

Specific Objectives:  

To improve Nanotechnology sector and scale the existing project the synthesis of hydroxyapatite nanoparticle (nanoHAp) from the Ostrich (a native endemic bird in Nepal) bio-waste (femur bone) for various biomedical applications and to cure bone diseases