I am 29 years old from Russia. I have some experience in Russian navy on the boat for 1year and one month, so I know about how to be in the group of people who going to the target and living life together as a community. I did finished the college , the subject is production technology, then I started to study ecology in the university for a few years in the Moscow, the subject was interesting to me, but the books were quite old, from Soviet union time, that was the reason why I didn’t finish my university yet. Then few years of traveling and living in different countries , where I discovered from another side of permaculture.

In South Korea, I grew seaweed and collect it for half year on the Pacific Ocean. Then also discover healthy Korean food which includes many herbs grass and found how can I cook it. Then Israel , new permaculture project to know how to handle pomegranate, grapes and olives farm, how to grow and raking care of all of them for few months. In Caucas region near Georgia, I lived in the mountains and study how to grow some kind herbs and vegetables in them style of doing.

Then in India, one of my best permaculture experience was in Kerala, there I learn about pepper, coffee, bananas , a lot of vegetables and many different trees.

Had experience in South Korea and india few times for “Vipassana “. There I opened one little thing, the dream becomes to be truth because of love. And in my home country for sure I am planting trees and vegetables from different regions, have pretty interesting greenhouse and farms.